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ESPERANZA SPEAKERS 2.0 ARCO STEREO SPEAKERS for NOPTEBOOKS and DESKTOP PC Built-in ON/OFF Switch Built-in Volume Control Built-in Headphone Socet - 3.5mm mini-JACK POWER: 2x3W IMPEDENCE: 4? Frequency Range: 60Hz-20kHz POWER SUPPLY: 5V USB SIZE: 160x75x80mm USB POWER CABLE LENGTH: 1m AUDIO CABLE LENGTH (3.5mm JACK): 1m CABLE CONNECTING SPEAKRES LENGTH: 0,8m
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High-quality stereo speaker with LED RAINBOW lighting for notebooks and desktops. It provide clear and natural sound quality. They work well with all computer units with speaker and USB outputs. It is equipped with built-in volume control. High-quality materials used for their manufacture protect against static electricity and electromagnetic interference. Effective power: 6W (2x3W) Impedance: 3? Frequency range: 300Hz-20kHz Power supply: 5V They require: USB and mini-jack 3.5mm headphone output. Cable length: 1.2m Dimensions: 440 x 83 x 88 [mm] Weight: 780 g

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