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Trust Calyx USB-C to HDMI kabl

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Trust Calyx USB-C to HDMI kabl
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Trust Calyx USB-C to HDMI kabl
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Stylish laptop bag size 15.6 "or smaller (size adjustable laptop compartment with a sliding strip mount on velcro to adjust to the size of most notebooks). The bag is made of high quality material. The side walls are reinforced with a metal strip, and the inside lined with a soft foam layer effectively protects the notebook from knocks and scratches. The front has a functional pocket for documents. Notebook compartment on each side is lined with soft materials. Inside is a handy pocket for documents and a belt holding extra notebook. Metal hinges and shoulder strap provide high strength and reliability. Adjustable shoulder strap is attached with a very easy to use, metal carabiners, and in its central part has a rubber cap increasing comfort.

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