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Slušalice BLUETOOTH BOROFONE BO19 Musique AUX blue

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Slušalice BLUETOOTH BOROFONE BO19 Musique AUX blue
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Slušalice BLUETOOTH BOROFONE BO19 Musique AUX blue
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HOCO Technology (HongKong) Co.,Limited

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Big sound and lightweight are not a contradiction. The SKILLER SGH1 Stereo Gaming Headset is barely noticeable while sitting on your head, thanks to its featherweight design of only 253 grams. In addition, the headband suspension automatically adjusts to the shape and size of your head; ensuring optimum fit and wear comfort. With its modular cable system, the SGH1 is compatible with more than just standard PCs. It fully supports modern notebooks, Ultrabooks, smartphones and the newest console generations.
Dostupnost: 1000 Na stanju
High quality Bluetooth v.3.0 stereo headphones. Built-in microphone allows you to make phone calls and talk trough internet chat software (e.g. Skype, ISQ etc.). High capacity battery allows you to run a long phone calls or listen to your favourite music. Perfect for long journeys, at work and in everyday use.

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