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Silikonska futrola TPU IPHONE 6 BLACK

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Silikonska futrola TPU IPHONE 6 BLACK
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Silikonska futrola TPU IPHONE 6 BLACK
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The handle can be mounted on any smooth surface such as windshield in your car. In order to attach the handle, just press the clamp. Releasing the clamp handle causes detachment of attached surface. Rotation of 360°. The flexible arm allows you to set the smartphone in any position and at any angle. Adjustable clamp 39-110mm.
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Works with smartphones and tablets running under iOS (6.0 or newer) and Android (4.2 or newer) listed in the table below. The monopod may work with other smartphones running under Android 4.2 or later, however, the manufacturer does not guarantee its proper cooperation. Technical data: Bluetooth 3.0 Technology Range: up to 10m Powered: 5V microUSB Max. smartphone weight: 500g Monopod length: 23.5-105cm

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