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Silikonska futrola SAMSUNG Grand Prime G530 black

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Silikonska futrola SAMSUNG Grand Prime G530 black
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Silikonska futrola SAMSUNG Grand Prime G530 black
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Dostupnost: 1000 Na stanju
The handle can be mounted on any smooth surface such as windshield in your car. In order to attach the handle, just press the clip. Releasing the clamp leads to separation of the handle from the surface to which it is attached. Can be rotated 360 ° smartphone and set it in any position and at any angle. The longest width of the clamp stretching max. 90mm.
Dostupnost: 3 Na stanju
Case for smartphones made of materials resistant to shocks and splashes. Adjustable band fastened with Velcro pouch will fit to the different size of the arm. It does not restrict movement and allows you to access to smartphone at any time. It has a front made of flexible PVC, which allows you to view the screen while moving, and easy access to the phone. Case has a special pocket for key or other trifle, and hole for headset or power cord. Maximum size phone: 68.5x130mm

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