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Samsung 35W Fast Duo Travel Adapter with USB-C and USB-A ports (cable not included)

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Samsung 35W Fast Duo Travel Adapter with USB-C and USB-A ports (cable not included)
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Samsung 35W Fast Duo Travel Adapter with USB-C and USB-A ports (cable not included)
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External Color
Included Accessories
Quick Start Guide
Power Device Type
Power Adapter
Power Device Location
Input Voltage
AC 100-240 V
Depth (mm)
48 mm
Height (mm)
87.3 mm
Width (mm)
28 mm
Warranty Products Returnable
Warranty Term (month)
6 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria
Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
0.01 kg
Pack Weight Netto (kg)
0.009 kg
Pieces in pack
Box Weight Brutto (kg)
0.01 kg
Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton
0.009 kg
Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic
0 kg
Packs in Box
Package Type
EAN Code
Input Power Connectors Quantity
Output Power Connectors Quantity
Output Power Connectors Type
Nominal Weight
0.09 kg
Maximum Output Power
35 W
Output Voltage
DC 3.3-20 V
USB Type C
DC 9/15/20V 25W
Power Adapter and Power Supply Features
Power Delivery v3.0Adaptive Fast Charging
USB Type A
DC 3.3-20V 35W
Rated Current
3 A

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