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Ruksak za fotoaparat LowePro Fastpack BP 250 AW III crni

232,00 KM
s PDV-om
Ruksak LowePro Fastpack BP 250 AW III crni
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Ruksak LowePro Fastpack BP 250 AW III crni
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Dostupnost: 5 Na stanju
Tripod with ejecting column. Designed for photo cameras, video cameras, laser measuring devices, rangefinders, etc. Lightweight alloy material, small size and rugged carrying case allows you to easily take it with you and use it at work and at home. Convenient retractable legs and mounting brackets allow you to quickly set up a tripod at the correct height. TECHNICAL DATA: 3-way panhead 3-section aluminum legs removable quick release plate Quick lever lock Rubber leg tip Maximum height: 1350mm Minimum height: 500mm Maximum load weight: 5kg Weight: 800g
Dostupnost: 1000 Na stanju
Convenient to carry, light tripod for photo camera. It allows you to take pictures from unusual shots, as well as to yourself without the help of other people. Guarantees a stable and secure support for the camera. Light weight and compact size make it easy to carry and use it for work, travel and home. TECHNICAL DATA: Maximum height:290mm Minimum height: 150m Three section legs Maximum load weight: 0,5kg

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