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Miš Manhattan wireless Viva

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Miš Manhattan
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Precizne performanse, lako se povezuje i radi bez prijemnika Bluetooth tehnologija nudi bežičnu slobodu s efektivnim dometom do 10 m
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Dostupnost: 5 Na stanju
Setup is fast and easy. You can just plug the cable into a USB port and use it right away. Left-handed or right, you’ll be comfortable hour after hour with this full-size, ambidextrous design. You can’t go wrong with precise optical tracking. It’s a smooth mover—with or without a mouse pad.
Dostupnost: 5 Na stanju
Professional and functional mouse designed especially for gamers. Precise optical sensor with switchable resolution of 800/1200/1600/2400 will allow you accurate positioning of the cursor in the games. Its ergonomic shape and materials used for finishing prevents hand fatigue while playing. Special profiling makes that mouse will fit well to you hand. The "Next" and "Previous" buttons, placed on the side of mouse, will speed up operating in web browsers and you will appreciate them in games and other programs. The mouse has secured with additional, fabric protection cable with reinforced USB connector. Surely it will be useful and great tool at playing your favourite game for long. Plug & Play

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