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COUGAR Gaming Sofa Ranger S Royal

685,00 KM
s PDV-om
COUGAR Gaming Sofa Ranger S Royal
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COUGAR Gaming Sofa Ranger S Royal
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2 godine
External Color
Warranty Products Returnable
Warranty Term (month)
24 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria
Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
29.7 kg
Pieces in pack
Box Weight Brutto (kg)
29.7 kg
Packs in Box
Package Type
EAN Code
Chair Type
Casing Material
PVC Leather
Maximum Backrest Angle
160 °
Chair Features
Pillow for Head Pillow for Lumbar
Maximum Suitable Weight
160 kg
Seat Depth
600 mm
Chair Height
1025 mm
Chair Weight
32.5 kg
Minimum Backrest Angle
95 °
Backrest Length
470 mm
Seat Height
400 mm
Chair Width
740 mm
Chair Depth
980 mm

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