Oprema za tablete

Torba + tastatura za tablet ESPERANZA, do 7" EK123
High quality case for Tablet 7". Protects tablet against mechanical damage. Excellent built-in keyboard for easy typing in text and instant messaging programs online. MicroUSB connector makes it easy to connect the keyboard to most tablets available on the market.
Cooperation with most tablets with Android System 4.0 and later
15,00 KM
Torba + tastatura za tablet ESPERANZA MADERA , do 10,1" EK125
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High quality case for 10.1" tablets. Protects your tablet from mechanical damage. Built-in keyboard makes it easier to write in text editors and easy Bulb Base Codeing in the internet communicators. MiniUSB and microUSB connectors allow easy connection to most of the tablets offered on the market
20,00 KM