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"?Dimension(D x W x H) : 360 x 175 x 405 mm ?Driver space : 4 x 5.25"", 7 x 3.5"", 1 x 2.5"" SSD ?Main board size : ATX, Micro ATX ?Power Supply Type : PS2 / PS3 ?Expansion Slot : 7 slots ?Fan space: Front:1 x 12cm, Rear : 1 x 8/9cm, Side:1 x 12cm ?Housing Material : 0.45mm SGCC ?With 500W 1.3V ATX power supply W/ SGCC W/ 8CM BLACK FAN W/ 20+4PIN, P4 W/ 2xIDE+2xSATA W/ EU POWER CORD"
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The Sharkoon AI7000 Glass is functionally and visually fully designed for gaming: The ATX Midi Tower is made from robust materials and perfectly fits in everywhere, since the design features clear shapes and classic black finish. Massive color accents on the front air intakes provide stylish highlights in the color versions red, green and blue. Alternatively, the case is also available in all-black. It is visually rounded out by the color matching LED fan on the rear panel and a side panel made from tempered glass. This ensures that installed components always get their credit. Thanks to the optimized cable management system and the tunnel on the case bottom, everything inside the case looks sharp and tidy.

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